Platypus Bay and Larmairremener tabelti (half-day)

Starts from: $390 (up to 2 guests) + $60pp for 3 to 6 guests

This half day walk takes you on a remarkable wilderness journey past the deepest fresh water lake in the southern hemisphere, Lake St Clair, known as leeawulena (sleeping waters) to the Tasmanian Aborigines. Be prepared for your senses to awaken as we journey through a wide variety of native Tasmanian vegetation including banksias, buttongrass, tea-tree thickets, waratahs, ancient rainforest ferns, and towering eucalypt stags.

Wildlife that you are likely to catch a glimpse of include wombats, black cockatoos, wedge tailed eagles and maybe even a platypus or two. The walk begins and ends at Pumphouse Point and includes the Larmairrenemer tabelti Aboriginal cultural walk, Platypus Bay and Watersmeet track.

Fully supported by a Wildside Tours wilderness guide. Inclusive of lunch, trail snacks and drinks. Suitable for all fitness and adventure levels.


Shadow Lake Circuit

Starts from: $590 (up to 2 guests) + $90pp for 3 to 6 guests

Arriving at an alpine lake amidst an impressive vista of mountains is the highlight of this fantastic wilderness day walk adventure. Starting in the forest beside Cynthia Bay, the track climbs through eucalypt woodland, areas of beautiful rainforest and subalpine moorland and buttongrass as the lake approaches.

At nearly 1000m in elevation and nestled beneath Little Hugel, Shadow Lake has great views of Mount Hugel. It’s the perfect place for your Wildside Tours wilderness guide to prepare lunch and a selection of drinks before making the return journey back to Pumphouse Point.

The area is home to Bennett’s wallabies, pademelons and echidnas along with a wide variety of birds, some of which can only be found in Tasmania. Suitable for all fitness and adventure levels.


Mt Rufus

Starts from: $690 (up to 2 guests) + $90pp for 3 to 6 guests

Sitting at an elevation of 1416m (4646ft) and with stunning views of Lake St Clair, Mount Olympus, Mount Hugel and Frenchmans Cap, you will feel on top of the world once you arrive at the summit of Mount Rufus.

Your Wildside Tours wilderness guides will take you through a wide variety of native Tasmanian vegetation as you journey from Cynthia Bay to the peak of Mt Rufus for a gourmet lunch, with ample time to relax and take in the view.

The Mt Rufus route is known for spectacular fields of wildflowers and during early summer the flowering of native Tasmanian scoparia brings the mountain to life in a display of vivid colour. 

Look out for an array of wildlife along the way including sightings of Tasmanian wedge tailed eagles soaring above.

This walk requires a moderate level of fitness. Drinks, lunch and trail snacks provided.